Before Studying at London School of Commerce

Do you plan to study at London School of Commerce in the short time? If you do, it is a great idea because LSC is one of the best business, management, and technology information colleges in London. Besides, this college has many international campuses as real proof that it is trusted and qualified. Anyway, before you go to London, check your documents, like passport, ID card, and visa and make sure that you prepare enough budgets.

Don’t forget to do these so you can enjoy studying there:

money 4Know average life cost. Basically, college students in London spend from £ 800 to £ 1,000 per month for accommodation, food, and transportation. This average life cost definitely depends on lifestyle that you apply. If you apply frugal lifestyle, you might just need from £ 600 to £ 800 per month.

Choose the right study program. You cannot change your study program if LSC already publishes letter of your acceptance. Therefore, you have to choose the right study program. No need to worry if you are afraid of choosing wrong study program because LSC marketers or alumni will help you find the right one.

Take degree foundation. If actually, you are not 18 years old yet, you cannot study at London School of Commerce. To deal with this, you should take degree foundation first. This degree is useful to sharpen and enlarge your knowledge and skill before taking bachelor degree. If you come from Indonesia, take degree foundation at Westminster International College that is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more information, visit

Metal Fabrication Business

metal fabrication2In general, most businessmen were confused of choosing what kind of business to start. They were beginning to explore their interest, passion, and skill that eventually becomes their revenue. Thus, I personally started to discover business ideas and found a metal fabrication service profitable. If you are curious and interested in this business opportunity, let’s talk about it here!


Our main concern before starting a business is absolutely about how we’ll benefit and gain profit from this business. According to my research, metal fabrication business is profitable and growing fast at the time being. That’s because metal fabrication is always demanded by automobile makers, aerospace manufacturers, offices, and individuals. Because of these wide scopes, it’s possible to earn $300 million, like these biggest metal fabricators.


When talking about a business, we should also highlight a plan to get started. Well, it is just like starting other businesses. Starters are required to consider and make a written statement about business components below:

  1. Types of metalworking services (e.g. bending, punching, forging, coining, stamping, welding, brazing, etc.)
  2. Budget or fund
  3. Fabricator location
  4. Promotion plan
  5. Employment


In metalworking process, there are numerous tools and machineries used. Metal fabrication businesses ought to supply equipment that they are going to use to offer services for consumers. Some welding tools are soldering, welding rods, helmets, and arc welders. There must be abrasives, cutting tools, calipers, and greases & oils. For metal forming and finishing, fabricators need to own arbor presses, belt sanders, disc sanders, and ironworker.

Balinese Foods

sate lilitHave you been a foodie? The following holiday will likely be the very best time to test new cuisines at your holiday destination, if you should be. Perhaps, you’re about touring in Bali stoked up and attempt culinary travel. Culinary tourism is probably the most fascinating actions in Bali, right? Hence, let’s discuss Balinese cuisines!

Sate Lilit. Satay is among the many well-known and stylish Indonesian cuisines alongside Rendang and Nasi Goreng. The satay could be made from meat, poultry, seafood, or pig.

Babi Guling. Another well-known Balinese food is Babi Guling. In Language, Babi means pig, therefore Babi Guling is just a pig roast. The roasted suckling pig could be quickly present in restaurants or street-food in Indonesia.

Betutu. Betutu is crucial-try food when you’re in Bali specifically for people who enjoy hot cuisines. The primary component of Betutu is steamed chicken or goose. Roasting chicken and duck will also be often offered. Why is it hot? Well, people need certainly to blend the Betutu with extra-hot marinade. You can easily purchase at leading resorts and restaurants, if you wish to discover this meal. Betutu can also be well-known in Lombok.

Information about E-commerce Store

E-commerce StoreCan you want to begin an internet marketing strategy? Developing a perfect site is the major activity to get going. In addition, which kind of business could be the best suited to your online business? You certainly have to create an e-commerce shop, if you’re likely to market a variety of goods. Let’s discuss it more below!

Building an e-commerce shop is really not that difficult since you will find plenty of free ecommerce website builders occur at the moment. Nevertheless, if you’re owning a large corporation, employing a free designer isn’t a great choice as it lacks of performance and capabilities for certain. Therefore, you must employ a web-designer to produce a successful and wonderful e-commerce site.

E-commerce represents electronic-commerce. It indicates that e-commerce store is just a sort of enterprise store performed electronically on the net. Method and enterprise exchange between consumers and entrepreneurs are completed online.

Effectively, you might wonder why you wish to contemplate whether this site kind would work for you and must develop an e-commerce shop. Well, there are numerous features of e-commerce shop for company. It allows you to position and sort your items so as.

Prospects discover the preferred goods on e-commerce shop and can quickly understand your sites. Besides, it offers reassurance about online transaction security to clients. There’s a shopping cart function on e-commerce store that helps buyers in shopping online. Moreover, e-commerce retailer is also ideal for product evaluation, so prospects can compare multiple products before generally making a purchase to ensure it’s the top for them.

Criteria of Ideal Company

It is inevitable, companies in our beloved country have mushroomed whether it’s a company engaged in manufacturing, goods, or engaged in services. Nonetheless, you need to know not all of the companies in the list of ideal companies. By the way, do you know what the characteristics of an ideal company are?

Ideal CompanyAble to maintain professional employees

You could say the ideal company is a company that is able to maintain a professional employee, where the employee is able to give a good performance, positive, maximum, and optimal for the company. To be able to obtain these circumstances, of course, there is the strategy pursued. Some of them by continuing to motivate employees with bonuses, incentives, benefits, award plaque, and so forth.

Able to develop financial

When a company is able to develop financially, we can be sure it is included in the ideal company. How not, either by way of equity investment, deposits, obbligati, conduct foreign exchange, or other valuable assets is not likely to further strengthen the company’s finances. The more powerful and capable owned financial company means the bona fide companies.

Able to manage risk

The ideal company is also able to manage the risks that can be detrimental. As well as being able to manage the risk of fire in the panel listrik and how to buy insurance, the risk of swelling expenditures by using generators and solar panels, and so forth.

Able to attract the attention of consumers

Meanwhile, the company is also looking to attract the attention of consumers to use, wear, consume, and purchase products or services offered. Whether it is influenced by the excellent service and optimal given company, product quality, the promotion is done, or even because of the competitive prices offered by the company.

Mistakes in Building an Online Store Website

Online Store WebsiteNowadays, more and more people open an online store. They are either newbies that just want to start an online business or existing businessmen that decide to bring their products to the World Wide Web. Well, in which group are you? Setting an online store website is obviously your first step.

Whether you are a beginner or not, make sure to avoid the following mistakes in building an online store below:

Not doing a market research

Doing a research is absolutely a must when it comes to starting a business. In online world, newbies first need to find potential products that will bring them to success. Existing business owners still need to conduct a thorough research as well. They didn’t find new products, but they are required to find potential keywords that are targeted to their current products. Not doing a market research is a big mistake because you won’t know how many your online searchers and competitors.

Using free services

Setting up a website for business is probably too costly for some people. They might lack of funds and have no preparation to start an online business. Consequently, they take advantage of existing free web hosting packages, domain names with extension (like blogspot, wordpress, etc.), and poor website design. Businesspeople have to be aware of the importance of looking professional. They need a well-designed website that has fast speed, fabulous design, and advanced features to make online customers comfortable and satisfied.

In short, you have to plan ahead as early as possible before starting an online business or running your existing business online. Use this web design Jakarta to set up and develop your website.

Essentials for National Park Research

Among the primary tourist place in a number of areas in Indonesia is just a national park. The main reason?

In addition to relieving stress, the national park can also be generally helpful for study locations. What’re what’s needed for study in national parks? Begin to see the data below.

Suggestion exercise

Meanwhile, additional record that must definitely be submitted may be the suggestion actions. This offer should contain all issues associated with the research they’ll be performed in the budget towards the reason for the research.

national park 6Study allow

Scientists should have a permit prior study, in order to look at what’s within the national park. Hence, this proposal seeks to make sure that no dubious points are true of study and trying to find info.

Copy of identification

Additional files necessary to be prepared scientists are identification card, identification card, or passport (for visitors). It’s not meant as an assurance if different scientists to complete things that might harm national parks and on occasion even do things that break the guidelines.


This issue is usually a notice declaring the investigator is prepared to not harm national areas and follow the guidelines established.

When he was doing research, generally the manager will require researchers to provide or reporting research results.

Help My Children

I have a son and a daughter who are economics students. I love them so much although I know that I am not a good father yet. Hmm… I often spend most of my time at my office. Even, sometimes I have to go to another city and leave them for a week. Fortunately, they realize my responsibilities and understand me. However, I often feel sad because I cannot help them optimally.

help bTo minimize the risks of getting bad relationship with my children, I spare my time as much as possible to help them. Several days ago, I decided to hire an economics tutor to help them boost their economics knowledge and skill. They looked happy when knowing that I still paid attention to them.

Anyway, I hire a professional and well-known economics tutor, so both my son and daughter can be smart economics students. Well, how about you? What do you do to help your children?

Generally Lifestyle Residents in the Big City

belaja onlineBig cities such as Jakarta, is not only known for the skyscraper buildings, flooding problems, and congestion problems, but also known by its inhabitants who have a lifestyle like the following:

Nightlife. Large cities can be said to be the worst city negatively impacted western culture, where people are already familiar with most of the nightlife, such as discos, clubs, karaoke, and so forth.

Online shopping. Given the breakdown of the big city, most of them are not uncommon around this by shopping online. Yes, the people no longer feel the heat and air stuffy in a car or public transport due to age just a shopping center. However, they can order the goods they want, such as flowers, wine, baby supplies, or other in one online store Flower Advisor.

Work online. Congestion not only impact the shopper, but also for office workers also participated feel. Therefore, no less than those who choose to work online using a virtual office system.


Tampil Keren Boleh Saja, tapi Jangan Berlebihan!

don'tBekerja dengan para karyawan baru memang cukup mengembirakan. Pasalnya mereka datang dengan sejuta ide dan gagasan cemerlang yang cepat atau lambat bisa membantu perusahaan untuk terus maju dan berkembang. Sayangnya tidak semua karyawan baru di perusahaan tempatku bekerja menghormati para seniornya. Meskipun tidak ada peraturan untuk harus patuh kepada senior, tapi setidaknya mereka harus lebih menghormati aku dan rekan-rekan kerjaku yang lebih dewasa.

Salah satu karyawan baru tersebut selalu memprioritaskan penampilannya. Hal itu tentu bukanlah masalah buat kami. Tapi, sikapnya yang selalu berlebihan membuat kami terkadang merasa kurang nyaman. Dandanannya dan sikapnya yang suka memamerkan aksesoris dan pakainya cukup membuat beberapa temanku geram.

Pada suatu ketika saat dia sedang memamerkan jam tangan barunya yang katanya jam tangan asli, teman satu ruangku memutuskan untuk memberi pelajaran pada karyawan baru tersebut. Rekanku bilang kalo jam tangan yang dia pakai adalah jam tangan KW. Hal ini tentu dilakukan dengan alasan yang tepat karena jam tangan baru milik karyawan baru tersebut memang jam tangan KW. Sejak saat itu, dia lebih menghormati kami sebagai seniornya dan tidak sok pamer lagi.